"Chloe strolled down the hallway, arm in arm with her girlfriend Maria."

I wrote that sentence a few months ago, not really planning to create a same-sex couple.  This was one of those 'happy accidents' that occurs from time to time.  I liked it, so I stuck with it.  I was influcenced, I suppose, by a piece I had written for a fan-fiction contest the month before. 

I've read probably twenty-five different books since October of 2011.  I've been sticking with YA fiction, for the most part, although I've read some urban fantasy and a few thrillers.  In all of those books, I've seen only two gay characters.  Twenty-five books, two gay characters, no couples.

Before I added a same-sex couple to my novel, I decided to get some perspective on this topic.  I emailed an author and an agent and asked them if they were seeing gay and lesbian characters in popular fiction.  The author never replied, but the agent sent me a nice message.  He told me to follow my heart.  That has worked pretty well for me to this point, so I decided to keep Chloe and Maria in the mix.  I've even expanded their roles a bit.  I like a diverse cast, I needed more female characters in important roles, and I like them; they're a cute couple. 

What do you think?  Do you want to see more gay and lesbian characters in popular fiction?  Is there a significant difference between a gay character and a gay couple?  How about a gay or bisexual main character?

Link to 'The Seventh Village of Tokakeriby Tomb Raider Story Competition'.

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